RESIDENTIAL TESTING:  We place a CRM (continuous radon monitor) on the lowest livable level of the home for a minimum period of 48 hours. This digital monitor gives hourly readings, requires a 120 volt outlet, and will be placed approximately 20" above the floor.  Placement and pick up of the monitor can be done very quickly usually only taking a few minutes.  The average reading of the 48 hour period can be accessed at pick up.  The monitor readings are then ported to a computer where the hourly readings are e-mailed to the client and a signed copy is sent by postal mail.

COMMERCIAL TESTING:  We test many different types of commercial buildings, such as, schools, churches, apartments, day care centers, office buildings, factories, etc.  We still place the monitor on the lowest livable level of the building for a minimum of 48 hours, but commercial testing can require complex testing methods.
For example:  A school requires all rooms be tested on the lowest livable level.  Would you like your child to be in one of the rooms for 8 hours a day that wasn't tested?

We don't guess when we install a radon mitigation system.  Do you really want to hire someone who guesses what type of system your property requires?  Can you really trust someone who gives you a quote over the phone without ever seeing your property?  The cost can vary widely.  Many installation contractors do and this may cost their clients many extra hundreds or thousands of dollars. See Radon Mitigation Contractor Questions

DIAGNOSTIC TESTING:  Not every house or commercial building needs diagnostic testing.  Many older homes and commercial buildings have features that require diagnostic testing to determine which type of system to install.  Diagnostic testing of sub-concrete slab soil conditions have saved our clients several hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
What if you have water under the concrete slab?
What if you have no rock for the radon gas to filter through?
What if the soil is so dense a high suction pump will be required?
These things and more need to be determined to give you an accurate cost quote for the system.

If my company installs the system, the testing  fee will be deducted from the total cost of the installation.